The A.H.H. Movement is a ministry of discipleship. We are not a ministry in pursuit of building a church edifice, but a team formulated and decided to build the church’s deficit, with the hope that the people of God within themselves will inevitably expand the kingdom of God across the earth. Through the model of biblical discipleship, we plan to establish partnerships that will develop a generation and make fishers out of men.

God has called us to be a moving ministry, a church on wheels. We at The A.H.H. Movement do not embark on yesterday’s agenda that becomes our method or model but we give way and keep an empty space in our meeting for what God wants to do today. At Abba’s House & Hub we teach the unadulterated gospel of Jesus. We train leaders, equip soldiers, release graces, and send them out as multipliers, using the two by two concepts. “No Child of God Left Alone!”

We stand on Mark 7:13 Making the Word of God of None effect through your traditions, which ye have delivered and many such things. We are the church without the CULTure of men, a house without walls. Here, there are no particulars. We take the “AS IT IS IN HEAVEN” approach to our worship experience, which means heaven is our culture. At the A.H.H Movement we place no limits on God or His people that our reach will be great and His presence will be greater.

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